Wordpress Plugins to create social networking website

Himanshu BatraSep 18, 2017
Wordpress Plugins to create social networking website

Social networking is a powerful tool for connecting peoples to each other. This is not easy to create networking website like twitter and facebook but now you can create your social networking website in wordpress with functionalities like chatting, private messages, profile photo, status, Video uploading, images uploading, like, follow and more.

For building a social network site, you need to consider only three WP plugins that are easiest for set up in no time and are really very good.



Buddypress is a plugin for free for creating any kind of networking site with friends profiles, activity, groups and more. This is old WP plugin and launched before 8 years ago. It is free and full functionally network.

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  • Messaging
  • Esat to Extend Profiles
  • Friends Groups
  • User Connections
  • Forums

Wordpress Symposium

A great alternative to BuddyPress plugin to build your WP social networking site. You can create you own social Networking websites with simple two steps. Many plugins have the compatibility problem with WordPress themes, but WP Symposium is compatible with almost every theme.

Every user has own avatar, activity description, header image and more. Community element allows you to connect with friends inside groups, private messages and forums.

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  • Forum
  • Activity wall
  • Private mail
  • Notification bar
  • Chat rooms

WP Mingle

WP Mingle is a completely free plugin, you can create a working community website.WP mingle doesn’t have the beautiful layout and also has the lack of features.WP mingle simply turn your WordPress blog into a Social network website.

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Awesome Features Of The WP Mingle Plugin:
  • Comment and create profile posts.
  • Opt in or out of email notifications.
  • Pages for activity of your friend.
  • Admin will be able to configure custom profile fields and also user profile pages.
  • Facility for users to indulge in private messaging.
  • Recent users and navigation widgets


You need to use WP and any of the three awesome plugins mentioned above depends on your requirements for building social networking site.