Why Java is a secure way to go for Software development

Why Java is a secure way to go for Software development

Security is an important feature and Java’s security model is one of the key architectural features that make it most trustful choice when it comes to developing enterprise-level applications. Security becomes critical when software is downloaded across network and executed locally, and Java easily reduce the security vulnerabilities associated with the projects or applications. Programming with Java is common for banking and fin-tech web applications. Compared to other programming languages, Java definitely stands out in terms of security functionality and environment.Java also has built in security features that are:

  • Cryptography which includes comprehensive APIs including digital signatures, message authentication codes, ciphers and more.
  • Advanced Authentication and Access Control that allows incorporating a range of secure login mechanisms, along with creating the custom security policy and enforce a well-defined permission access policy to sensitive data. In simple words, “breaking into” your web application becomes not so easy and your internal data stays safe and sound.

Key feature of java are

  • “Write Once, Use Anywhere” what it means is this: the business owner contracts with a Java programmer to develop a program. Once developed, that app can be used on any device and on any operating system. This is what is meant when developers talk about a Java virtual machine. It is its own self-contained “machine” that can be superimposed onto any operating system and into any hardware that exists. This is a huge benefit of Java over .Net, as .Net requires only a Windows based platform.
  • Exception handling concept The concept of exception handling enables Java to capture a series of errors that helps developers to get rid of risk of crashing the system.
  • Protection from security attacks It allows developers to declare classes or methods as FINAL. We all know that any class or method declared as final can’t be overridden, which helps developers to protect code from security attacks like creating a subclass and replacing it with the original class and override methods.
  • Garbage collection mechanism It aids more to the security measures of Java. Garbage collection is a mechanism provided by Java Virtual Machine to reclaim heap space from objects which are eligible for Garbage collection.

Development is faster, far less costly, and the result is a robust application that is reliable, bug-free, and portable to any device or operating system. No other programming language offers these features all wrapped in a package.